See the descriptions below and follow the links to find out more about a variety of programs, both court-mandated and voluntary. We have also included links to connect you and your family to helpful online resources within the criminal justice system. For further information, call Channing Neary at 512-769-2371.


Criminal Offense Resources

Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center

Travis County's criminal justice court, located in downtown Austin.


Travis County Criminal Court Docket

This new online tool allows you to search a list of all District and County Court appearances, updated daily.

Travis County Inmate Information

Search current and past inmates of Travis County to see an individuals charges, bond amounts and other information. 

Travis County Warrants Information

Search a list of outstanding warrants in Travis County by name, date of birth or cause number.

Travis County Pretrial Services

Learn the steps to take to be eligible for release on a personal recognizance bond before the trial.


Travis County Adult Probation

This department oversees those who are sentenced to probation in Travis County. Information on this program can be found here.


Licensing & Records

Department of Public Safety License Status

Find the status of a driver license or ID card.


Hays County Judicial Records

Search the database of court records in Hays County. 

Williamson County Judicial Records

Search the database of court records in Williamson County. 


Counseling & Programs

Travis County Counseling and Education Services

Provides counsel, learning and rehabilitation opportunities to those who have been referred by the court.


Austin Stress Clinic

Privately owned clinic that offers classroom-based stress management programs to both court-ordered and voluntary patients. 


Seton Shoal Creek Hospital Mental Health Program

Care for those experiencing acute mental illness, emotional distress or challenges coping with everyday life. A team of experts provides a safe, stable atmosphere to patients in order to foster growth and healing.


Benchmark Recovery Center - Substance Abuse Program

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Austin. They teach attendees how to live permanently without a dependance on drugs or alcohol.


The Last Resort - Substance Abuse Program

An Austin drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for men that focuses on those who have repeatedly relapsed and reentered treatment.


System of Healthy Options for Release and Transition (S.H.O.R.T.)

The Adult Drug Diversion Court offers S.H.O.R.T. as an alternative for those convicted of illegal drug use. Its purpose is to break the cycle of repeated drug offenses by offering education and treatment.