Austin Dangerous Dog Hearing Lawyer

Channing Neary is a dog lover and animal advocate. She volunteers on the development committee and fosters for a local animal rescue group. She is also a member of the Texas Animal Law Bar. Channing is the proud owner of a dog that is labeled a “pit bull” and understands all too well the public’s unfair characterization of this loving breed. She has increasingly become involved in defending dogs and their owners from dangerous dog designations and euthanasia. It only takes one person filling out an affidavit to put you in jeopardy of losing one of your family members.

People who do not understand dogs and have little to no experience interacting with them can often misperceive situations that put your dog’s life at risk. These hearings are governed by the municipality that you live in and the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 822.  Contact The Law Office of Channing Neary for a free consultation regarding a dangerous dog hearing.